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Friday, 13 January 2012

Termination Salvation ...............goodies part 2

Amazon have done well out of me recently, this time the Salvation toy line gives us the Flying Hunter Killer with complimentary t-700.The hk is approx 12" long and 7" wide, the rotating thrusters one on each side are very firefly ish with a  swallowlike rear fin spread and a blunt square nose.She can land on 3 deployable legs which offer poor stability but tuck neatly out of the way during flight,twin cannon mounts front and back which rotate and 2 large missiles mounted one on each side at the front offer a bit more sting.I originally thought about using this as a dropship but it is too small and the wrong shape even though part of the front opens to reveal a neat hole for the t700, it does however look great as a potential gunship circling hawklike over a dropzone protecting the more vulnerable dropships....£29.99 and the t700 at 4"tall is detailed and well articulated showing what arnie looks like under the skin he doesnt half remind me of a necron lord :)

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