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Sunday, 15 January 2017

2017 --- Has it really been neglected for so long !!! ---

I sit here mainly ashamed that I have done NOTHING since 2103 despite recognising I had set the bar too high. Screw excuses this is what I am going to do now, I intend as I meander through my gaming collections to firstly as I find stuff I will take a photo , spew a few words and then move on,
I will see how achievable this new goal is.It will I hope generate new tags and therefore new traffic to the site and also motivate me to catalogue and maybe expand the blog in a targeted fashion.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Moving The Goalposts

I set the bar far too high to achieve motivation with my storytelling idea to help my hobby and its blogging, as a result I failed miserably being content with doing sod all except buying stuff for the last year and doing little else.

I must and will change this , cant be arsed is not longer in my vocabulary.....well maybe still in but much lower down.I do have good ideas and projects but as primarily a thinker it rarely leaps from theory to practical so lots of possible fun things get wasted.

My 8 x 4 gaming table has more debris on it than a building site and my modelling desk is the fourth visible man made thing from space :) so before I do anything else my first job is to tidy and store
allowing me to bask in the overdraft of love that is our hobby .

Small achievable goals make things possible rather than overreaching and doing nothing............small is good, repeat with me small is good :) I feel I have let myself down and everyone of you fine readers, the mighty 13 lol who have been kind enough to show interest in my rambles.

I promise I shall do better this year than before, for all of us.

I thought after last nights ramble to add a couple of photos to see the mountains that I must climb

The above shot believe it or not is an 8 x 4 gaming table !!!! somewhere :)

This is a high altitude shot of my modelling desk which is buried under a landslide of crap

Wish me luck on the tidying...............

Friday, 13 January 2012

Termination Salvation ...............goodies part 2

Amazon have done well out of me recently, this time the Salvation toy line gives us the Flying Hunter Killer with complimentary t-700.The hk is approx 12" long and 7" wide, the rotating thrusters one on each side are very firefly ish with a  swallowlike rear fin spread and a blunt square nose.She can land on 3 deployable legs which offer poor stability but tuck neatly out of the way during flight,twin cannon mounts front and back which rotate and 2 large missiles mounted one on each side at the front offer a bit more sting.I originally thought about using this as a dropship but it is too small and the wrong shape even though part of the front opens to reveal a neat hole for the t700, it does however look great as a potential gunship circling hawklike over a dropzone protecting the more vulnerable dropships....£29.99 and the t700 at 4"tall is detailed and well articulated showing what arnie looks like under the skin he doesnt half remind me of a necron lord :)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I'll be back............ ( to front) Terminator Salvation goodies part 1

Do you remember in Terminator 3 where the new threat has the ability to corrupt the programming
of any machine and turn it against the humans ? For the first time we see a T1 which is a 5-6ft tall

tracked twin machine gun toting Terminator turning against humanity and chewing up civilians and military alike.........Some good news for a very reasonable £9.99 Amazon are selling a 4.5" tall version of this intimidating robot, now I could have sworn that in the film the terminator only had 2 tracks but I was wrong like this model it does have a 3rd much smaller track at the front for steering..problem is that looks crap but fear ye not conversion fans cos...........If you turn the torso around to face the back and relegate the 3rd track to the back it looks loads better see photo and in my opinion the back of the track assembly looks great facing the front too.You might ask why not scrap the steering track all together , which I tried but the centre of gravity of the model is such that without track 3 it falls over.No turn it around and it looks menacing to anything it faces, the weapons both look like twin punisher cannons so its a mean anti horde weapon or you can just write or convert those too..........I immediately thought praetorian servitor protecting the adeptus mechanicus when I saw it it......but be it good guy or bad guy its large reasonably painted and weathered and for £9.99 a bargain.what do you think?

Monday, 9 January 2012

Storytelling to help me focus

I am lazier than a mexican village, I absolutely love minatures and like nothing more to see a well painted minature astride some great terrain doing whatever I am dreaming up, but can I be arsed painting any of them to make that happen..........narr.
Now combine that apathy with the fact that I also believe I may have the makings of a sci-fi book or twelve inside me, so I had a dream :) , an idea that I would only tell each new part of my story providing I could rpg the content with painted minatures and terrain.This has several advantages it motivates me to paint because I want to tell my stories and it focus's my efforts in support of each part of the story rather than just painting to put a tick in a box, it ramps up the challenge because it will require a lot of creativity to energise the story on the tabletop  instead of just inside your mind.I will cheat often because I have bought many painted figures and items over the years but I will declare the origin of every part so that when one of my own figures/designs actually surfaces apart from a great deal of whooping and back patting, I will also run a start-wip-finish commentary to help motivate other lazy buggers like myself to do good things......more often.Constructive encouragement is always needed and appreciated ..........watch this space

Friday, 6 January 2012

New Models for Conversion- The Moon Bus by Moebius

I believe that this model is take from the film 2001, it was discontinued but has now been re-released
in 2 variations.Option one like any other model you buys it.....you make it and you paint it, now when I looked at that option it seemed to be too small for the right scale for 40k based figures but option 2

seemed bigger.At approximately 12"x4"x4" option 2 comes fully assembled and painted and looks superb......I think it would look really at home alongside the eagles from Space 1999 and when you see that the lid lifts off as well showing a wealth of interior details it really is a boss piece of kit.I havent decided yet how to mix it up with my wargaming figures but there are so many ideas it is creating, I just  hope to do it justice........not a cheap one tho.....you can get the model in option 2 for about £45 but I keep thinking DROPSHIP ..... and how best to convert it.......

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ebay Excellence - An airbourne platoon arrives

First things first,
A Happy New Year to one and all, hope everyone had a great Christmas. I absolutely love Ebay
it gives me access to every shop I could ever want and very importantly a direct link to all ebayers
to buy and sell their goods, costs me a bloody fortune sometimes :)
I noticed a group of 44 infantry converted cadians with pig iron full facemasks, and green stuff shoulder
and kneepads thought they looked ok and they included 3 vehicles and 1 aircraft obtained from
Antenocitiesworkshop (see my link at bottom of blog).The ground vehicles are called "Bears" a 4x4 jeep

and the flyer a Firefly a small gunship.I was delighted to bag the lot for £39 and have included some pictures to see what you think, to supplement the platoon I purchased some Elysians from Forgeworld which I will show you details of those shortly,hope you like them as much as I do....................
A few simple but very effective conversions with lascannons and other heavy weapons coupled with a few imperial eagles and you have a smart looking UNIQUE platoon, which is codex compliant...
my compliments to the creator.